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Bald Spots: Causes and Solutions

Bald Spots: Causes and Solutions

Balding and bald spots can happen to men and women, and for women, it can be especially upsetting to have a something you consider integral to who you are be drastically changed by the condition. While bald spots are not uncommon, women often feel alone in dealing with this issue. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to help regrow lost hair and camouflage existing bald and thinning spots to make your hair thicker, fuller and healthier-looking.


 There are many causes of bald spots in women. As you age, your hair follicles may begin to shrink, causing hair thinning and hair loss. This may be caused by many factors including:

  • Genetics
    • Hormonal Changes like Pregnancy or Menopause
    • Thyroid Problems
    • Vitamin Deficiency
    • Stress


Whether or not you know the cause of your bald spots, hair can often be regrown without surgical or painful intervention. The Keranique Regrowth System contains the only FDA approved ingredient to regrow hair in women. With regular use, minoxidil can actually fill in those troubling bald and thinning spots. While your hair grows back, there are many other steps you can take to conceal hair loss and keep hair looking thicker and fuller.

Style Choices - Choose a hairstyle that works best to conceal your particular thinning or bald areas. Often curly or wavy hairstyles make hair appear to have more volume. Also experiment with moving your part and the direction of your style to camouflage bald or thin areas. For example, if one temple is thinning more than the other, consider a side-swept bang that conceals the thinner side.

Concealing Bald Spots - Bald spots that can’t be concealed with creative hair styling can easily be remedied using a product like Keranique’s Tint & Texture, Color Density Treatment. This quick and easy-to-use spray is tinted to fit a spectrum of hair colors, and diminishes the appearance of bald spots by camouflaging the scalp.

Styling Products - It’s important to choose your styling products carefully, since many products can weigh down thin or fine hair and make it look limp and sparse. Volumizing products can add lift and make hair look fuller. Using a volumizing spray like Keranique's Lift and Repair Treatment Spray can protect delicate hair from heat styling, while making the hair appear thicker, and adding volume and bounce.


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