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Learn How To "Pineapple" Hair aka Learn To Protect Curly Hair While You Sleep

Have you ever heard of “pineappling” your hair?

Pineapples are not generally associated with your hair, but the term is just a funny way to describe a technique that protects your curls while you sleep. If you have curly hair, this may be a lifesaver for you! This technique can help you preserve your curls for days on end, without needing to wash your hair and style it again every single day.

So, what is a pineapple when we are referring to your hair? A pineapple technique is a loose, high ponytail on the very top of your head. It may make your hair look like a pineapple, which is where the phrase came from. This helps your hair stay put as you sleep because you generally won’t flatten the top curls. If you toss and turn a lot while you sleep, only the back and sides of your hair will be affected. This is a major win!

To try the pineapple technique, you will need a scrunchie or spiral elastic. You could also use a scarf. Put the scrunchie or elastic in your hair in a very high ponytail, but not too tight or it could create the dreaded “dent” in your hair. You may also want to wrap your ponytail in a satin scarf to protect your hair further. You could also purchase a satin pillowcase, which is said to help protect hair and keep it shiny and knot-free.

You should pineapple your hair right before you go to sleep. It may feel a little loose at first, but it should stay put. To get your hair in a high-enough ponytail bend forward, gather all of your hair at the top of your head, slip on the scrunchie or elastic once or as loosely as possible, and add a scarf if necessary.

So, what do you do in the morning to ensure your hair looks amazing? You can just rip it out of the scrunchie and expect miracles. You may need to lightly style it. You will figure out a routine that works best for you and your hair because let’s face it, everyone’s hair is different.

If your hair is curly but too short to put in a high ponytail, try simply sleeping on a satin pillowcase. It can help reduce creases in your hair and keep it styled and shiny for a longer period of time. Don’t forget, the technique will not work as well if you go to bed with wet hair. Try to use the pineapple technique with dry hair always.

Do you have curly hair? What do you think about the pineapple method for protecting curly hair while you sleep? Will you try it or do you already do it religiously each night?

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